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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

“From the thorn to the flower stretch countless waste lands, one upon another.

But the fire of passion vanquishes the distance from desert to grove ( Sultan Puri )

Just look at a Rose for a while, you may like the beauty of flower, or you may feel the fragrance but when you touched it , you would definitely feel the pain of the thorns that are part of such a beautiful flower. Same is in the case of life , it is not a bed of roses nor a forest of thorns.

Life is a passage that process different destinations and climb the stairs of social status , until the final goal of success is achieved .

Taking forward the above statement our story starts from here i.e. life of a struggler is composed of many levels.

“There are as many strata at different levels of life as there are leaves in a book . When on the higher level we can remember the lower levels but when on the lower we cant remember the higher .” (Henry David Thoreau)

Being on the first level of life , it is impossible for a person to know, what the future holds for them.This is why a future is always unpredictable.

On the other hand , once you achieve your aims and look back at your traits ,your question , your choices and means of achieving those aims , as you are successful and are viewing from a bird’s eye view, your past actions .

Lets not compare ourselves to our fellow beings but to little living creatures like a seed that bears the intensity of sunlight , harsh weather and other factors but cope with all that to transform into a lush tree.

“When you are tough on yourself , life is going to be infinitely easier on you . “ (Zig Ziglar)

Start where you are ,

Use what you have ,

Do what you can .

Push for the stars , sky is limit !!!


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