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Do you know about Apple’s new feature “Magsafe”?

iphones with wireless charging

Apple has introduced a new feature in the recently launched phone iPhone 12 which is MagSafe.

So in order to know about this feature, first understand what is the meaning of MagSafe.

What is MagSafe:

Magsafe is basically the wireless charging feature of apple. On the back of the iPhone 12, there are perfectly aligned magnets attached which provide faster wireless charging. This feature is known as Magnetic Safe Charging or MagSafe Charging.

iPhones with Wireless Charging

iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max

Is Wireless Charging Safe?

Yes, wireless charging is definitely safe. The electric field created by the wireless charger is very little and it will not harm the user.
Users can charge their phones on a wireless charging stand at night or in their offices as well.

Previously Apple has introduced wireless charging on all the MacBooks. You can either use the cable to charge the laptop or use the wireless charging without any difficulty. This was an awesome feature in MacBooks.

But now, this feature has been introduced in upcoming iPhones.

MagSafe vs Qi charging

As in the prior gen phones, there was Qi charging but there was an issue in the Qi charging that is the coil placement behind the phone. This means if the coil is not properly placed on the charger, the charging will be slowed down and you’ll feel a bad experience while charging. Qi technology also limits the charging to 7.5W only.


In the MagSafe technology, the experience of wireless charging is overwhelming. This is because of the properly aligned the phone and the charger using the magnets. This placement will lead you to fast wireless charging including a plus point of delivering the power of 15W to the iPhone as well.

According to the sources, Apple will introduce two MagSafe devices.

  • MagSafe wireless charger
  • MagSafe duo wireless charger

You can charge your iPhone and iWatch at the same time. But this will take some time.
Rumors are in the town that the iPhone is introducing wireless charging in order to remove the Type-C port from the phone.

Apple Cases:

Sources have also believed that there will be a possibility that Apple will also introduce the cases with MagSafe integrated at the back of the cases.

However, the MagSafe technology will not work if you use a thick case for your iPhone.


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