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New Instagram update ‘Pinned Comments’ released for everyone now

Instagram has spent the last few years in order to improve its tools for the prevention of harassment, abuse, and misinformation and the effort increases under current CEO Adam Mosseri.

Instagram has launched its pinned comment feature globally which was under testing by the developers of social media giants since May 2020.


Announcing on their website: “First, we are launching a new feature which would help to manage unwanted interactions at once. We know it can feel overwhelming to manage a rush of negative comments, so we have been testing the ability to delete comments in bulk as well as block or restrict multiple accounts that post negative comments.”

The post further explains that “in addition to removing comments, we want to give people an easy way to amplify and encourage positive interactions”.

The spokesperson of Instagram said that the tags and mentions were misrepresented from a long time, so for prevention, Instagram launched this comment pinning feature that allows users to control and manage the people who tag and mention them in a post or comment separately.

“We have seen that tags and mentions can be used to bully or target others so we are rolling out new controls that allow you to manage who can tag or mention you on Instagram. You can choose whether you want everyone, only people you follow, or no one to be able to tag or mention you in a comment, caption, or a story.”

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