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Is Upwork Legit?

is upwork legit?

There exists a common issue among all freelancers (newbies), which is fear. The fear of how to get freelance work online? What is the way of getting new clients and orders? How to start freelancing as a career? Where to get started? So, you will now find how to proceed. You should know about different freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, People per Hour, etc.

Upwork for freelancers:

However, there are many platforms, but Upwork is the most demanding, and right now, it is crazy crowded.
It is the only platform with big success for freelancers. There are a lot of freelancers increasing day by day in Upwork, including the clients as well.

How Upwork works:

  • When you build your profile, Upwork will take some time to review your profile and decide whether you are eligible for joining the platform.
    After getting approval from Upwork, you will search for projects from your related field. For a newbie, Upwork provides 20 connects to start his business. After that, you will have to upgrade your membership plan.
  • Once you get a job, you have to make sure that the job should be completed within the time, as discussed with the client.
  • After completing the job, you have to wait for 2 weeks, which is the holding period. From your total project amount, 20% will be deducted by Upwork, and the rest will be rolled out into your account.

Types of contracts:

Upwork holds a variety of contracts which are mentioned below:

  1. Hourly – this feature enables us to hire a freelancer on an hourly basis.
  2. Milestones – this feature divides the whole project into some parts and enables the ability to set each part’s cost.
  3. Fixed Price – this feature uses to hire a freelancer on the total price.

How to start freelancing on Upwork:

  1. Setup your profile.
  2. Mention your skills.
  3. Enlist your experience.
  4. Populate your rate.
  5. Start your adventure.

In any platform, there are also scams on both sides (freelancers or clients). One thing must be in mind to use your connects on those jobs which are legit. One can easily check that the job is real or a scam through client’s reviews, payment verification, and ratings.

Upwork rising talent:

As all companies want to succeed, similarly, Upwork also wants to make their platform succeed. This is done by giving value to the freelancers who are putting in much effort. This method will distinguish the hard workers from others. If someone achieves a rising talent badge or status, they will put you in a rising talent pool to make it easier for the clients to get the best freelancers and vice versa.

Top-Rated Status:

It takes much time to achieve the top-rated seller status. But when someone successfully achieves the TRS (top-rated status), then the chances of getting hired from more clients will become easier.


Upwork connects pricing:

The current pricing of connects are:

10 connects for $1.5

20 connects for $3

40 connects for $6

60 connects for $9

80 connects for $12

Upwork Escrow:

Escrow is an Upwork feature to make the payment process clear and neutral. It’s a neutral holding place where the money is placed for some time until the project is completed (whether hourly, milestone, total). After completing the job, including the client’s satisfaction, the escrow releases the funds to the freelancer or the agency.

Upwork Direct Contracts:

Recently, Upwork has introduced a new feature of direct contracts. This feature is basically for non-Upwork projects. People can create contracts and easily collect payment from Upwork.

How it works:

  1. Create and send  a contract  to your non-Upwork client
  2. Your client accepts and deposits the payment in escrow
  3. Request payment from your client when the work is completed.

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