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Make Money not Friends – Why Not Both!

make money not friends

No man ever walked on this earth without the desire to achieve success. Success has always been in a relationship with money. Money is inevitably significant for life and even death. To either live a good, satisfactory life or to arrange a funeral, you need money.

Make money not friends, because you can live without friends but not without money. And money has many forms, and it’s either in the form of currency or a price worth many dollars. When you win some competition or achieve a milestone, you are rewarded with a price, in any shape of money. Nobody gets a friend as a price.

Human beings have many needs that different philosophers and psychologists have tried to explain. One such psychologist was Maslow, who gave a hierarchy of needs that is globally accepted.

He put “physiological needs” at the start of the hierarchy and claimed it to be the most important one for survival. It includes shelter, jobs, and food, etc. All of which can be fulfilled through money.

If you focus on making friends, you’ll lose them anyway because “a friend in need is a friend indeed” so if you have nothing, how would you give anything? And you’ll end up not being a friend indeed because this world is ruled by the principle of give and take.

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In a school, a most purposeful and hardworking student usually has fewer friends because his focus is on his goals, and he can’t afford to have people around him that blur his vision.

In professional life, a person who is determined to move forward looks for ways to earn more money to provide for himself and his loved ones a better life.

No matter how good a man is, if he earns nothing, no woman will ever agree to live with him. And he’ll be deprived of intimacy, which will leave him frustrated and depressed.

Education gives you wisdom. It makes you civilized and learn the do’s and don’ts of life but correct me if I am wrong, does education not comes from fees?

The more money you give in the form of a fee, the better education you’ll receive. Private schools are the best ones to learn and also the most expensive ones. Hence, you depend on money for education too.

So, if you focus on making money, everything else will fall in place. You’ll have friends you can keep, a family you can take care of and luxuries to make yourself happy.

Clear your vision, set your goals, list your priorities and start making money. Learn ways to make it and save it for money will save you in every way possible.

Since we are living in an age of digitalization, so making money is also easier now than it was in past. With new technology, money-making techniques have also changed.

You can earn money while sitting in your home. You just need a laptop and the internet, which is almost the most important gadget in human life in current times. You have to work hard smartly.

We always hear that hard work pays off. Yes, it is like that, but you have to prioritize your life. You have to look where you are working hard. You can make friends, but you have to find whether they are useful for you in terms of money or not. This statement may lead your curse on me, but this can be seen in any corner of the globe.

7.7 Billion People are living in the world. They all have different strengths and mindsets, but one thing is common, and that is the hunger for earning money. While reading my blog, imagine yourself on your bed at night and think how much time you are spending thinking of earning money and then ways to earn money.

Money is a reason of many innovations. An entrepreneur who spends time thinking out of the box is only for fame and money. He works days and nights to ease life, but bringing ease is not his goal. It is his need to multiply money on his every sale.

For an entrepreneur he needs true friends and one can easily observe the change in parameters of being a true and false friend. Before digitalization, friends were tested in time of need as they were grown up in the same environment.

They used to meet each other daily. Sitting in a coffee shop and sharing problems is a beautiful memory of the past.

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Friends usually give you a suggestion like what could be good for you. This can be done while posting on your social media account. You will get a lot of suggestions from your online friends. Making online friends is a fine way to get benefits from more people in less time.

You will also save a lot of money that you could spend on dinner for friends to share some problems and find solutions.

Nowadays, everyone is so busy, and you can’t force anyone to help you in time of need. All of your needs can be fulfilled through money. You can even buy friends. Money brings you into a fine social circle. There is nobody who doesn’t want to be in the limelight.

You would be circulated by the crowd when you have something to show off, and money is the richest thing found in the current world.

When we talk about motivation in our life to do some wonders, the answer is money, not friends. If you will make friends, but you are poor, then what is the point of being friends with them? A man is known by the company he keeps. Make rich friends. You will be rich in any case.

Money is the only road that can take you wherever you wish. Money is the only key of a successful life. If you die poor, you will be considered a loser.

To make money, you have to get that mindset. If you divide 24 hours of your day into different parts like morning walk, breakfast, university, lunch, gym, dinner, and sleep, question ourselves:

Why am I doing all this? The answer is money. When we prioritize things in our life, the important and necessary one should be at the top. Fortunately, money is at the top.

Now it’s up to you whether you are going to make money or friends. Ending my blog with a famous quotation of Bill Gates.

“If you are born poor its not your mistake, but if you die poor its your mistake”



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