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5 Important Tips to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

blog writing skills

Over the course of the last few years, blogging and article writing have skyrocketed in popularity.

The role that it plays in digital and content marketing is undeniable. For that, it has become the primary marketing solution for businesses of all kinds.

However, amidst all these growing requirements, it’s writers that struggle the most to ensure quality.

Writing optimal blog posts isn’t easy, as it requires research and understanding of various intricacies. Therefore, writers need a tactic that allows them to do so every day.

But is it even possible to make such a tactic? What are the essential tricks that writers should know?

These are all viable questions requiring feasible answers. So, let’s dive into it and find out the five essential tips for blog writers today.

5 Important Tips to Increase Your Skills of Writing Good Blogs

Developing writing skills isn’t an easy task. It requires the writer to tend to an array of elements and write quality content each time. This practice requires focus, intention, and understanding of the topic that they write.

However, formulating such a process is a task in itself. Before you write, you need to grasp the topic.

Then, as a writer, your job is to ensure that you firmly grasp the ideas that you’re trying to deliver. That’s why it’s necessary to develop a tactic-based strategy.

So, to help you do just that, we’ve formulated a list of essential tips for writers today. These will help you write quality content and improve your skills. So, let’s get into it:

Research Your Topics Before You Type a Single Word

One of the common problems that writers face today is a lack of topic understanding. Remember, not every writer is an expert on the topic that they’re given to write.

Granted, some writers are more akin to specific industries. However, doesn’t mean those who aren’t familiar cannot write it.

That’s why you need to formulate a research pattern that helps you write just what you need. For instance:

  • What does your topic entail? What’s it about?
  • Who is the target audience? Are they experts?
  • Is the topic complicated? Can you simplify it?
  • What is the crucial information that you can lead with?

These essential questions, and their answers, can help you determine just what you need to know about a topic. Even if you know a lot about a topic, too much information is always better than none.

Focus On Writing Readable Content

A significant drawback of good content today is the lack of readability. If your content isn’t readable by a common reader, then they’re going to ignore it. Compared to academic writing, online or blog writing is about writing content for common users.

So, you must focus on writing content that’s not difficult to understand. But, how do you do that?

  • Make sure you don’t use industry jargon
  • Avoid using complicated terms & guff—even if they’re tempting
  • Keep the sentences short, as 10-15 words are ideal
  • The passages or paragraphs shouldn’t exceed 3-4 lines/sentences at max
  • Avoid writing passive sentences: show, don’t tell

After writing, you need to make sure your content features all these elements. If not, then try to fix them—one sentence at a time.

Detect & Avoid Plagiarism

Avoiding plagiarism is a necessity in any writing setting. Whether you talk about academic writing or SEO blogs, plagiarism is a major drawback, and that’s why it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s harmful, immoral, and it’s unethical as well.

So, head to an online plagiarism checker and do as follow:

  • Copy and paste your content, or upload it
  • Let the plagiarism detector do its job
  • See the percentage of accidental or intentional plagiarism
  • Get rid of one percent at a time
  • Use a paraphrasing tool if you have to

By doing so, you will ensure that your content is original and outstanding. Bear in mind plagiarism is the biggest downfall of any type of content, and in SEO, there’s no tolerance for it. It will harm your blog’s ranking and bring down the credibility that you generate.

So, one item on your to-do list should be to add “using a plagiarism checker,” as it can help your blog’s originality by immense measures.

Proofread Everything You Write: Even If You Use Tools

After using a paraphraser or plagiarism checker tool, you might think your content is free of errors.

That’s not always the case, as a tool might enthuse some unnatural errors in said content. The primary reason behind that is the AI-based reworking of any content.

AI is dependable today, but it’s not that dependable that you leave your content unattended. So, once you finalize your content, go back and read through it. It will allow you to measure the aforementioned tips as well.

Is your content readable? Does it achieve the goal by the time you read the last word? That’s why you need to proofread, even after using any AI-based tools.

Structure Your Work Properly

One of the major elements of SEO blogs today is their structures. You will notice blogs feature an array of subheadings, bullet points, backlinks, etc.

However, it’s the content structure that matters the most. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Write a gripping title/headline, then follow it up with just as intriguing of an intro
  • Use subheadings to break down essential points
  • Try using bullets to emphasize certain aspects
  • Use the good old introduction, middle, and conclusion structure

Doing this will ensure that your blog follows a specific integral structure. It will also guarantee better readability for your target readers.

Why Are Blog Writing Skills Important?

Writing a blog is a natural process for a writer. It’s not forced, neither is it something that follows a particular pattern.

Granted, there are universal patterns of writing everywhere, such as intro, middle, and conclusion.

However, the creative mind uses these structures according to their own liking.

This creativity demands blog writers to depend on their skills and captivate the imagination of their readers. That’s why developing and polishing blog writing skills are important.

One of the primary benefits of writing good blogs is high SEO ranks; the other is a loyal audience. So, let’s break down a few of the benefits:

Build a Brand Voice

A brand’s voice in the online world can be its uprise. A brand needs to stand out with originality in an online setting where it’s basically survival of the fittest.

In this case, originality means how a brand stands out with its unique voice and content tone. That’s why it’s crucial for writers to focus on creating such a brand voice.

For that, they need to work on their skills and focus on content integrity and originality each time.

Therefore, this originality stems from good writing skills, and that’s why it’s important to develop them.

Generate Credibility

A good blog does wonders for a brand’s credibility. In order to generate such credibility, the blogs need to be of top quality.

This means each time a blog post happens, the reader must jump right at it to grasp the information.

Therefore, the blog itself needs to be information-rich. Once again, cue the writer, and that’s when their real task begins.

For a blog to stand out with credibility, the right must focus on writing blogs that offer unique and viable information.

Causes Online PR

Online PR is with two groups of people: the target audience and other blogs in the same niche.

Suppose a blog or website backlinks to other, more prominent ones. In that case, it can generate an immense amount of organic traffic.

That’s why good blogs require the writer to offer unwavering quality. This is when they mainly depend on their skills in order to be able to stand out against their competitors. So, writing good blogs can help make matchless online PR.

High SERP Rank

The one thing you need to understand about writing good blogs is that they help with high SERP ranks. SERP, or search engine results page, features only the premium or the most informative blog pertaining to certain keywords/queries.

In order to ensure that your blog is one among them, you need to write blogs that feature good keywords.

Moreover, you need to ensure readability, content quality, informative value, and keyword density. Once again, proving that good blogs help you rank higher in SERP.

Build a Network

Whether you talk about a blog’s audience, competitors, peers, or affiliates, it’s a network that’s necessary.

To build a viable network among all these people, a blog needs to deliver quality content and integrity.

So, once again, it requires thorough research and material-rich content. That’s when a writer’s skills shine the brightest.

By writing such blogs, writers can build a network around them. In doing so, they help the brand they write for and their own profiles.


These five tips and their pertaining benefits should help you understand the importance of writing skills. So, practice them thoroughly and improvise when you have to.

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