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25 Healthy Habits to Start Healthy Living

healthy habits

A healthy life is indeed a blessing in disguise but to maintain it we have to pay keen attention to our everyday lifestyle.

We are indeed following our monotonous  work routines where sparing time for our health is next to impossible

 Research has shown that by bringing different changes in our lives we can improve our health as well.

 so Are you confused about how to improve your health? In this blog, we have summarized the most important & basic tips to improve your health.

Wake up early

health habits

Waking up early in the morning lowers your stress levels. it also makes you more productive.

 Research has shown that most of the successful people in the world are early risers. If you want to live a healthy & successful living, you have to start your day earlier than before.

Morning walks

Morning walk always rejuvenates & gives you a soothing sense of relaxation. The health benefit of morning walks is boundless.  A few of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • A brisk walk in the morning keeps your mind healthy.
  • It makes your heart work much better.
  • It will prevent your body from arthritis issues.
  • It saves you from obesity.


If you want all in one package to get emotional well-being along with a sound mind & a healthier body then meditation is an anecdote for you.

Meditation is key to keep yourself active & present at the moment. It also gives you the advantage of being mindful & more productive in your everyday life.                              


All of us are very well aware of the perks & privileges of doing exercise on regular basis. It helps us burn our excess fats & calories.

The benefits of exercise are quite much similar to that of meditation. The difference comes here that for exercise we need to build some healthy eating plans. Whereas in meditation we don’t need to worry about this.

Drink enough water

healthier eating habits

An average adult human body contains approximately 60% of water. It helps us in improving our physical wellbeing.

To make our organs work in a much better way, we need to consume an average of 8 glasses of water per day.

Staying hydrated also helps us in our weight loss journey as well as in the anti-aging process. Our body with the help of water removes all waste materials & toxins from our body. It prevents constipation thus chances of obesity get reduced.

How to eat?

If you want to live a healthy life you must adopt healthy eating habits. The following are some points of “how you should eat?”

  • Eating when hungry will give you the leverage of not eating more than what your body needs thus it will lower the risk of obesity. Allow your body to feel hunger for at least 30 minutes
  • Eating slowly will allow your body to recognize when you are full.
  • Don’t skip meals because skipping a meal can cause severe nutritional deficiencies.

Take enough proteins

Protein plays important role in our body functioning. It is an important building block of our bones, muscles, cartilage, skin & blood.

Consuming proteins on weekly basis helps you in strengthening muscles & bones. It helps you in fulfilling your appetite thus making you less hungry soon. It is best to consume it for breakfast.

You can get proteins from meat, fish, eggs, beans, milk, yogurt, etc.

Replace desserts with fruits


Many people like me can not live without having desserts twice or thrice a week at least. However, the side effects of desserts are numerous like obesity, skin problems, heart issues, diabetes, etc.

To prevent long term problems related to artificial sugar, we must replace desserts with fruits.

Fruits like banana & mango are the best replacement for the sugar cravings. The Health benefits of fruits give added advantage to your craving.

Take more veggies

Vegetables are the greatest source of nutrients like potassium, folic acid, fibers, vitamin A&C.  These nutrients play a key role in our body’s better functioning.

Vegetables are low in calories & fats, thus they are the best food to be utilized for a healthier life.

Use whole grains

Whole grains are usually used in breakfast in India & Pakistan. It keeps your appetite full thus giving less space for eating more.  They have health benefits like reduction in strokes, inflammation & obesity.

Common types of whole-grain include rice, wheat, barley, quinoa, brown rice, popcorn & oatmeal.

Take more salads

healthy eating tips

Salads are a great source of fibers. The uncooked fresh fruits & veggies set in a platter fulfill your requirement of essential nutrients.

Salads are rich in anti-oxidants. They help in improved guts, stomach inflammation, heart rate & skin elasticity thus making your body healthier & your life happier.

Prefer home-made foods

If you want to enjoy healthy eating benefits you must adopt healthy eating habits.

Fast foods are not hygienic the way home-made food is. Cooking at home saves you from getting stomach upset, allergies, or food poisoning.

 It gives you the advantage of saving your money, time & petrol.

Quit canned foods

Research has shown that a chemical substance BPA (Bisphenol A) is extremely hazardous. This substance is a plastic-hardening chemical that is used in the coating of canned foods.

Excess use of canned foods can cause side-effects which can prolong till 4 generations. Its negative effect includes behavioral changes, mental deterioration, diabetes & cardiovascular issues.

Lessen junk foods

Eating junk foods once in a month is somewhat acceptable. Higher consumption of junk foods can cause extreme mental issues like memory issues, dementia, depression & lack of patience.

If you want to live a healthier life you  have to eradicate junk foods gradually from your daily life,

Reduce beverages

We all are well aware of the negative effects of beverages. These fizzy drinks contain carbohydrates, along with other issues they cause serious risks to the liver, heart & brain.

By controlling beverages craving & replacing it with natural herbs tea, we can live a much healthier life.

Reduce caffeine intake

Caffeine has certain compounds that make you addicted to it. Excess intake of caffeine can cause issues like nervousness, insomnia, stomach irritation, increased heart rate, etc.

By reducing your excess intake of caffeine you can easily retrieve your sleepiness. Once you start getting enough sleep you will feel more energetic & productive throughout the day.

Watch your cleanliness

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said, “cleanliness is half of faith”. To remain healthy, we must adopt healthy habits. Cleanliness stays on top of them.

Cleanliness is not only limited to personal hygiene it also involves environmental cleanliness. By keeping yourself & your surroundings clean we can get rid of many health issues.

Adopt different hobbies

 If you want to live healthy living you must adopt healthy lifestyle habits as well.

For this, you need to get out of your comfort zone & try different healthy activities in your free time. By learning different ways to utilize your time, you will become more productive in your daily life.

In your free time, you can alter between different hobbies like gardening, cooking, stitching, knitting, writing, reading & list goes on as per your interest.

Engage your mind

It is pertinent to engage oneself in some sorts of activities to stay active and busy. Give your mind something to learn new.

Moreover, activity always helps develop the focus that not only assists in achieving one’s goal but also enhances self-actualization.

Watch your sleep patterns

healthy sleep habits

Just like machines need rest after regular work, the human mind also gets exhausted.

 If you follow healthy sleep habits your mind would feel much refreshed & productive. Sleep is necessary for the mind to work properly.

 A short day nap also acts as a catalyst for your brain to work properly. Generally getting 7-8 hours of sleep is compulsory for your active mind.

Follow self-care routines

Our monotonous lifestyle has created lots of distress. By not getting enough time for ourselves we are putting our physical & mental health at stake.

We should spare some time for ourselves every now & then. Self-care is a vast field that includes looking after our physical, mental & emotional health.

Spend time with family

Life is getting dextrous nowadays and people barely get time for the family members. A healthy lifestyle demands proper time spending with family.

It has been seen often that people who do not spend quality time with family live a dull and boring life.

Having a strong family bond represents a healthy living.


Traveling is one of the best ways to live a healthy life. People who are fond of traveling enjoy the beauty of nature that other people rarely get a chance to.

 For instance, people who are in love with hiking live a long and healthy life. Traveling also builds one’s mental strength along with physical strength.

Do read some amazing benefits of traveling.

how do you travel so much?

Get monthly checkups

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, immunity is vital for our survival. In that case, getting checked by a doctor on monthly basis is very necessary.

Although people pretend conscious about their health, they remain reluctant to visit doctors. Resultantly they get infected from hidden disease and lose money, time, and above all their “precious health”.

Quit smoking

It has become a universal quote that “smoking is injurious to health “.  It is estimated that people who smoke decreases their life span by 11 years.

It can also cause cancer of the mouth as well as the lungs.

Moreover, smokers invite a lot of diseases to affect them in a long run. Thus, quitting smoking is inevitable for a healthy life.

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