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How to Get Free Domain Name and Web Hosting

In this world, everyone is trying to shift towards the online world and for this, everyone needs to have:

  • Domain Name
  • Website
  • Hosting

First, you should have some knowledge about what is the domain and hosting and the difference between them.
Newbies who have jumped into this world always try to learn or get experience for free.

So, in this article, we will tell you how to get free domain names and hosting.

What is free domain

You can find a number of sites that can provide you free domain name. But the extension on the domain will be different than regular useful extensions.
Here are the 5 best sites which can provide you a free domain for your learning or experimental purpose.

But on other hand, there are consequences of the free domain as well. What are they?
Before answering this question first you should have some knowledge about the regular extensions of domains that are accepted for business.
The authority domains have extensions like

While in the free domain name, you will have an extension like

or some other as well. So, coming to the answer, the consequence of having a free domain is the lack of authority. You cannot find any authority in the domain and its extension as well.
Here is a scenario that will clear your doubt regarding the authority.

If you have registered a free domain and your intention is to use it for a blog, you can go for it. But when it comes to applying for google AdSense, then the issue will arise that Google will not allow any free domain for AdSense.
Hope you have understood the difference between free and paid domains.

domain name

What is Free Hosting

Now let’s move to free hosting.
Similarly, like free domain name hosting can also be taken to host a website. You can find a handful number of companies that can provide you hosting for different time periods. Sometimes they provide you yearly free hosting, sometimes the duration is half-year which is six months and sometimes quarter year which is 3 months.

Here is the list of websites that can provide you with free hosting for one or half-year. You can simply register yourself and host your website on their servers.

So, after reading the complete article, it is defined clearly how to get a free domain name and web hosting, and it is concluded that the best practice for domain and hosting is the paid one however, you can get the free domain name and hosting as well but it should be for learning or experimental purpose because you cannot pursue that free version for a joint venture with big companies like Google.

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