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What is the domain name in a URL?

What is the Domain

Might be possible that you are aware of the term “domain” but when it comes to the online world the term is used for something else. Before entering into the world of the internet, you must have a know-how of these entities.
If you are thinking it’s difficult, you are totally wrong, The concept is very simple.
So let’s dig into it

What is the Domain:

The domain is basically the address or URL of your website which you use to open your website through any browser. Just like your house has an address, your website is your online house whose address will be its domain name.

Home Address: House no 123 Street no 1 Suburb XYZ
Website address:
Hope you get it.
Now let dig into some detailed part.
The company from where you are buying your domain name is your domain host. Mostly the domain hosts are third party providers like



What is a parked domain

In this era of the fastest-growing digital ecosystem, everyone is coming towards the online business or shifting their local business online. In any business, the business name is very important to attract customers. Similarly, in an online business, the domain name can have a big effect on your website’s success. It can also affect, how your business is viewed.

Finding and registering a domain can be a simple task or a hectic one as well.
Don’t know why?
Here is the answer.

If you are shifting your local business to an online business or establishing a new online business, you need a website. By the time being you develop your website and get ready for business, your desired domain name may already be taken.

To tackle this situation, it’s a good practice to register your domain as soon as possible. But if you are not ready to use it with your website, that’s where parked domain comes in.

A parked domain is a registered domain that is only parked on the provider site without any linking to the website for use in the future.
So in order to start an online business or whatever you want to do online, you must register your domain as soon as possible or at least park that domain in order to avoid future problems.


How to buy a parked domain

Like mentioned above what is a parked domain? Now the question is: what is the procedure to buy a parked domain.
Usually, this situation comes when you are searching for your desired domain name and you are informed that this domain is not available or someone has taken this domain.
What to do in this scenario?

  1. In this scenario, you may find a registrar service for buying that domain. Keeping in mind that the registrar will also charge you for his service as well.
  2. You can contact the owner and make your deal. To access the owner details, just open a website name and search your desired domain and get the owner details.

    Contact the owner, do some negotiations, and get the domain.

What is an addon domain

An addon domain is a fully functional domain that is created from your registered domain.
You can create an additional addon domain using the control panel of your registered company.
It is an additional domain you can host in the same account, just the difference will be primary and secondary. The addon domain will be the secondary domain.

For Example:

Let suppose you have registered a domain name
After creating your addon domain (test) using the above-registered domain.
The new address will be

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