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Why Technological Changes are the Best Things Since Sliced Bread?

technological change

Technological Change Definition  

Our lives are changed through technological change by means of communication, methods of traveling, mediums of food, and measures of safety.

Technology is the practical implementation of scientific knowledge to produce goods or services that help make our lives easier. It has such a massive impact on our life that now living without it seems impossible.

The difference between technology and technological change is that technology gives us the products we need. In contrast, technological change helps us make products we desire and imagine.

While technology produces outputs from inputs, Technological change allows gaining more results using the same input.

How technology has changed 

Technology itself has also evolved with time. Computers, cell phones, tablets, and laptops are examples of current digital systems that have changed over the years.

Digital technological change, such as computers and word processing software, has superseded chiefly the typewriter. An example of technological change is the telephone which has evolved into portable forms such as mobile phones and smartphones.

A smartphone is a tiny computer with many capabilities other than just making phone calls, which was its sole use in the past. Photographs and films can be captured, edited, and stored on a smartphone. Music and video clips can be played on this computer.

They can also regulate global positioning systems (GPS), which allow individuals to navigate from one place to another.

time for change

How has technology changed education

“Online education” is the most significant change that technology has brought in almost every student’s life. Gone are the days when students had actually to be present in physical classrooms to take lectures. Now they can learn whatever course they want, whenever they want, without going anywhere by just having a laptop and stable internet connection.

From textbooks to e-books, departments to google classrooms, campuses to online platforms, the whole dynamic of education has changed. Top-notch Universities of the world like Oxford, Harvard, and the University of Boston offer online courses which are just as credible as taking on-campus courses.

In times of global pandemic “Covid-19”, technological change has played a vital role in continuing the education of millions of students, allowing them to keep pursuing their dreams.

How has technology changed farming

During the past few decades, farming has changed dramatically. Farms are more significant now. The stock is usually maintained inside, harvests are more excellent, little manual labor is required, and dairy cows, beef cattle, pigs, and poultry are rarely seen on the same farm.

All of this is due to technological change. Purchasing straws of semen from male animals with genetic superiority and using reproductive technology to produce females is routine among beef cattle and pig ranchers. Embryo transfer is also getting more popular in the meat and milk cattle industries.

Plant breeders nowadays employ traditional and modern techniques for improving plants. For example, marker-assisted breeding is a modern technology that accelerates the required time to achieve the desired improvement.

Tractors, cultivators, and combines are significantly more prominent and more effective. In addition, automated feeders are now used in livestock barns.

How has technology changed the workplace

An example of technological change is the workplace, Technology has altered the way industries function, from communication methods to goal tracking. It offers a wide range of advantages. Hence many businesses depend on technology-based advances.

These benefits include increasing a company’s productivity and better performance and increasing job performance, inspiration, and job efficiency. Technological improvements also aid in simplifying things and making everyone’s job easier.

technological workspace

Many innovative products and tools are available in today’s workplace, most of which aim to empower corporations by automating and integrating their business processes.

Managers use corporate productivity tools to monitor performance through each stage of the task completion process, allowing them to intervene immediately if necessary.

Skill-based technological change

According to the famous “skill-biased technological change” (SBTC) theory, change of technology boosts demand for educated people, enabling them to command more outstanding salaries, increasing wage disparity. Computerization’s involvement in creating more jobs in higher-wage and lower-wage occupations, resulting in “job polarization,” is a more current SBTC explanation.

Technology change management

Identifying, choosing, and assessing new technologies and adopting effective technologies into the company are all part of technology change management. The goal is to improve the quality of the software, improve productivity, and reduce product development cycle time.

The company forms a group. For example, a software engineering process group to work with software projects, introduce and evaluate new technologies and manage modifications to current ones.

Some useful change management technology tools are 

  1. Flowcharts/ process maps
  2. Adkar analysis 
  3. Culture mapping
  4. Force field analysis
  5. Stakeholder analysis
  6. Kotter’s 8 step change model 
  7. Lewin’s change model
  8. Gantt charts

Future changes in automobile technology 

Higher fuel efficiency and new businesses to support it, improved precision of controls and instruments, and increased safety through engineering research and development activities are anticipated future advancements in automotive technology.

automobile technology

What is life like in the 21st century?

Life expectancy, technological conveniences, a high level of living, and scientific advancements that we continue to produce and pursue are reasons to be optimistic.

From bioengineering to exploring space, automation to machine intelligence, the present is lovely, and the future appears even better.

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