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What Elon Musk Thinks the World Will Look Like in 2030

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Elon Musk is a visionary in the sense that he can focus on a point in the far distance and figure out a way to get there fully realizing he can’t do it alone. I’m sure he does surround himself with some world-class top-shelf scientists in various fields, again he’s world-class at knowing how to get from point A to point B faster than anyone I’m aware of today.

He is most definitely brilliant and a good/great human being I’m sure, He could be doing anything he wants, what’s he doing? He’s out there trying to figure out better ways to help mankind as a whole, he hires the top minds (in their fields of expertise) to do it. In short, The guys kicking ass.

It’s a fact that Elon Musk has no shortage of ideas.
He has introduced so many concepts to explore the outer world as well and for the benefit of mankind to make their lives easy.
Some of his ideas are:

  • Ultimate Extreme Tourism: Outer Space
  • Electric Super Highways-Underground
  • Mass Transit At Hundreds of Miles Per Hour
  • The Million-Mile Battery
  • Flying Cars
  • Internet for All
  • Neuralink

    So today you’ll see or imagine how the world will look like in 2030 according to Elon Musk.

Vacations on Mars

In this world vacation is the growing concept from old times, people use to move for vacations in different countries of cities according to their choice. In this way, they get some free time with their family and due to change of place, the mind also gets refreshed. But this vacation is inter-earth.

Elon says that in 2030, people will have a choice of spending their vacations on mars.
Sounds weird or interesting?

life on mars

Yes, it’s true. After getting much success in SpaceX. the CEO (Elon Musk) says that he will make the path for humans to make their vacations special not on earth but on mars.

Talking about the cost of this type of vacation you’ll amaze to know that if you are going to mars using current technology, the cost per person will be round about $10 billion. But Elon wants to get the price of a one-way flight to Mars down to $200000.
SpaceX is working on the concept and sources say that he has achieved good results as well.

You’ll Live Totally Off-Grid

Energy production is always a challenge on this planet, and humans are always working on the production of energy in order to get their work done. In this regard, the companies spend a lot of money and time on the production but wait, let me tell you what Elon thinks.
Are you ready?

Elon says that in 2030, you will live totally off-grid.
What does this mean?

It means that you’ll not dependent on the grid electricity which is created by the government or companies.
Instead of this, you will be provided the solar electricity cells roof tiles which will be mounted on the rooftop to generate electricity from sunlight.

solar homes

The electricity will be enough to be used by your in-house appliances and other needs.
In this project, Elon has pushed a deal of $2.3 billion for Tesla to buy the solar city.

Self Driven Cars

In the era of cars, we all have faced so many difficulties and accidents due to human mistakes. To conquer this issue, Elon is working on self-driven cars.
According to a survey, Approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road traffic accidents. This is a huge amount of human loss. Elon says that in 2030, people will be using driverless cars which will be embedded with smart artificial technology.

self driven cars

Using this technology, the chances of accidents will be reduced to almost none and these cars will prove themselves a much better driver than you.
From 2017, all Tesla vehicles will be capable of driving completely driver-less. but an accident happened in 2016 which was a deadly crash due to the autopilot of the Tesla car. Due to this accident, Elon’s company is working to ensure that his autopilot feature will not repeat that mistake again.

The Fastest Travel Option

Elon is also seeing the modes of transportation in a unique way. People are using transport like planes, trains, busses, etc in order to move from one place to another. The time and cost of transportation also vary from place to place. These are the most important factors in transportation.
According to Musk, The fastest travel option by land will be the Hyperloop at a speed of 700 miles per hour.
Sounds Interesting?

fastest travel

Hyperloop conducted a successful five-second test run in 2016. and the company has raised more than $140 billion to build the magnetic pod system.
So hopefully by 2030, you will be traveling through the fastest travel option by land which will save your time and the cost is almost minimum.

Transportation using Rocket

Recently Elon has proposed an exceptional concept of transportation. This concept will totally change the human mode of transportation.
He proposed city to city or international travel through the rocket.

Anywhere on Earth in Under an Hour,” Musk says

He says that this concept will allow people to cover “most long-distance trips” in just 30 minutes and people can also go anywhere on planet earth in under one hour.
What do you think the price per person using this technology?

Space travel

Eager to know the price point?
So the price per person traveling using this technology will cost the same price as an economy airline ticket.

Double wow.

You have seen some of the concepts which Elon and his partners are working on and soon in 2030, you will see these ideas will be working successfully around the world.
Musk is an exceptional personality who’s motto is to shape our future.

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