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Why Become an Engineer | 10.Reasons to Become an Engineer

why become an engineer

Being an engineer can be very challenging and frustrating at times. You might have questioned your decision to become an engineer very often, just like us. This blog is all about motivating and pivoting you in the rollercoaster drive to become an engineer.

Who are engineers and what do engineers do? An engineer is someone who thinks outside of the box, who uses a model to portray science. It is fun, inspiring, driving, challenging, fulfilling at the same time but never easy. Engineers play with science and mathematics to practically find the problem, analyze, model, and solve it.

Engineers use their creativity to create innovative new technology, and they make the impossible possible by using their creativity, ideas, science, and technology.

They analyze the problems around them, model them and then find the solutions to them using science and practical methods. Isn’t that what everyone is trying to do, solving problems?

10.Reasons to Become an Engineer

1. Engineering is the present and the future

Today there are so many buzzing technologies that are changing the industrial world into a completely new thing. Artificial intelligence, robots, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, space travel, are all word of every mouth. All these are the products of engineering. This rapidly evolving industry is already changing the way we live and work. If you don’t want to be left behind in the new world of technology, it is undoubtedly an excellent decision to become an engineer.

present and the future

2. Engineering is fun

Engineering is a very creative and innovative field where engineers invent things that upgrade something or practically provide real-world problems. The new inventions are often the novel solutions to some complex problem that seemed to be impossible. The journey of inventing things and finding the solution to a problem might be overwhelming and tiring, but at the same time, it is pretty inspiring and fun. You feel the power to make life better and easier for people.

engineering is fun

3. Logical and critical intuition

Having hands-on experience with math and physics, you will develop a very logical, critical, and intuitive mindset. This approach will not only help you in your career but also in the ground practical life. You will not blindly believe any random information you get and will be more rational about the information you receive and might critically investigate the truth. You will become more solution-oriented and will be more likely to focus on the cause-effect side of things.

logical and critical intuition


4. Versatile skillset

Engineers do not have one skill; instead, they develop a lot of skills. With a logical brain, they are always thirsty for learning and experimenting with new things. An engineering degree is a blend of mathematical subjects, science subjects, literature, economics, management subjects, etc. Indeed, you are not the smartest one in the room. There will always be someone who knows the thing better than you, and you can learn from them. Nevertheless, you can become a guru of many things.

versatile skillset

5. Not much Mathematics

Contrary to the common opinion, not all engineering fields have a lot to do with mathematics. Yes, to become an engineer, you need to understand math, but some areas don’t have much to do with it. Such as chemical engineering, engineering management, etc.

supreme mathematics

6. Fascinating careers

Engineering itself is a fascinating career. You do creative & innovative work with a team of intelligent people. You can learn many new things and even travel to new places, meet new people and learn new ideas. If you work in an international company, there are a lot of chances that you travel a lot and enjoy your work.

fascinating careers

7. Jobs of the future

With the recent advancements, a lot of jobs are disappearing and getting replaced by machines. Such as robot cleaners, robot waiters, surgical robots, but this profession will never die, and the demand for engineers will never run out. Engineering has a lot of potential for advancements and employment opportunities in the future.

future jobs

8. Multiple career options

If you are an engineering student, be rest assured that you have a vast band of opportunities and several career paths. Besides that, you can always change your field. Because in engineering, you learn transferrable skills. For example, you can get into a wide range of jobs i.e. join academia, do freelancing, work in multinational or international companies or design consultants, etc.

multiple careers

9. A good salary

No doubt, engineering is a well-paid profession. The typical salary of the engineer can exceed $100K average annually. The figure may vary for different types of engineering. Other than that, even if you are doing an internship, you will be paid for your work.

good salary

10. Universal degree

Engineering is a universal degree. Your educational degree is acceptable all over the world and you will never be stuck in one place. You can work in interdisciplinary fields and departments as you are exposed to a wide range of opportunities. There is always room for career advancements and promotions.

universal degree

Is Engineering Good For You?

Choosing a professional career is definitely not an easy decision, so you should be well aware of what it takes to become an engineer. You should have a creative mind, commitment towards your career, and perseverance. If you are interested in how things work or how technology comes into being, you are definitely made for engineering.

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