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Is There Light Detected Behind Black Hole in Space 2021?

Do you know there is a black hole in space? If not, you should have known about the black hole.

But this article is about the space news latest detection in the field of Astro science as mentioned in the title.

Yes, Astronomers, in the history of science detected light behind the black hole. From the starting, it is believed that no light can cross the black hole.

Black Holes are a huge mass of matter that absorb or attract anything on its way. They are known for the extreme dark blackness that does not allow even light to pass.

But Recently, astronomers have detected light behind the black hole for the first time. Researchers have spotted bright light flares (X-Ray) coming out from the massive black hole at the center of another galaxy. The distance between that galaxy is nearly 800 million light-years from our galaxy.

black hole in space

This finding will change the concepts of the biggest enemies in the universe that can absorb stars and even planets as well while going against gravitational forces.

The research has been published in the journal Naturewhich says that they have observed the X-Ray flares emerging from around the massive black hole and its assertion disk.

The detection of light flares coming from the black hole confirms Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.
as the photons turn around the black hole. It has been known for a long that anything that goes inside the black hole cannot come out even the light.

But Einstein believes that light can come out from the black hole as black holes cover space and turn the light because it can twist the magnetic field around it.

What is a Black Hole in Space?

The theory of black hole galaxy was based on the death of a star. It was believed that when a star completes its life and becomes dead then due to a high gravitational field the dead star gets squeezed into very small space and starts absorbing the light of the dead star. due to the huge gravitational field, no light can get out, and that’s why people cannot see black holes.

When Black Hole was discovered?

In 1964, the first black hole was discovered. The name of that black hole was Cygnus X-1, which was located in the milky way in the constellation of Cygnus.

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