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Elon Musk Inventions: Making The World a Better Place

Elon Musk Inventions

This blog will tell you about an amazing discovery that will make you think about how far science has progressed. In fact, a chip has been developed that can be attached to a computer by inserting it into the brain. And after that, your phone or computer can be controlled by the brain or gestures.

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And who has accomplished this invention? The person behind this is none other than Elon Musk.

He and his company has invented this device. Yes, you have heard the correct name. Elon Musk, who has left the founder of Amazon behind and become the richest man in the world. He has a company named TESLA that makes electronic cars. And it did so well last year that the company’s shares skyrocketed, and now the company is valued at more than 700 billion dollars.

In 2020 alone, Tesla built 500,000 vehicles and delivered them to its customers. And now Elon Musk, through one of his companies, Tesla worth, can buy the companies like gel motors, BMW, Volkswagen, Fiat, and Chrysler. And even then, he will have enough money to buy Ferrari. First of all, his vision for Tesla cars is these cars into fully automated vehicles. It will cost $25000.

But there are many other companies besides their tesla. And besides cars, he also has many interesting hobbies That he wants to fulfill in his life; in fact, Elon Musk strongly believes that if you want to improve your life, you have to do new things to make your life better.

Elon Musk has been fascinated by new things since his childhood at the age of ten; Elon became interested in programming. And at just 12 years old, Elon Musk created a computer game written in the Basic Language Fee programming language.

And they sold the game to a computer magazine for 500 dollars. In addition, in 2002, he sent shares of his two companies: PayPal and an internet guide company ZIP-2. He was about 30 at the time, and he had about two hundred million dollars in the bank and then decided that he would invest half of his wealth in business, and half of the wealth will be kept aside. But that is not always the case.

Therefore, Elon Musk had to go through a very difficult period. His new company Tesla and SpaceX, faced many difficulties. SpaceX first three launches failed. And Tesla faced many problems like supply chain, production, and design issues.

And then the financial crisis shadows. There were two paths in front of him. One was that they could save their money, but it could have wiped out all their companies. And the other way was to have whatever he had, Put it all in his business. He chose the other way, and he invested everything he had in his business. There was a time when he had to borrow money from his friends.

But because of his passion and passion, he kept going. And to get his aims and Objectives, He started working 120 hours a week. And his companies made a name for themselves.

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You might have heard about the success of Tesla. But his other company, SpaceX, is no less. NASA has also acquired the services of SpaceX. And Recently, Nasa’s Astronauts have been sent to the International Space station using the rocket of SpaceX. He started this company because he was too depressed that NASA was not working as fast as it should be. In parallel, Elon Musk was also working on supersonic planes, which can land at takeoff anywhere like a helicopter.

And these rockets have the capability of taking people from one corner to another corner of the earth in only one hour.

According to the company, this rocket will be the same as usual rockets, and it can take satellites to the earth’s orbit. And similarly, it can take people and equipment to the international space station as well. These rockets can be used to take people to the moon.

As far as people traveling is concerned, BRF (Big Flying Rocket) will be used. It can carry up to 80-200 passengers at a time. And the company has planned for this in 2024. Elon Musk has also announced to settle 1 million people on Mars in the coming 50 years.

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Well, these are all about cars and rockets. Besides this, Elon Musk is also working on some revolutionary plans that can give humans supernatural power. And the chip which I have discussed at the top is the part of these plans.

Another company of Elon Musk named Neuralink is working to connect the brains of humans to the computer. In which they have been quite successful. And recently, he has also published a video on social media in which a monkey named “Pager” is playing a video game just by using his mind. The video showed that the monkey is playing the game without using his hands and legs but his mind.

You might think about how it can be possible? Actually, the chip was placed on both sides of the brain of the pager. This device first recorded the brain’s movement, and after passing some stages, the decoder decodes the signals that were stored, and then no hands and legs are needed to play the game.

This device has more than 3000 electrodes installed which are thinner than human hairs and can monitor 1000 brain neurons. In addition to this, a neurosurgical robot is also created, which can add 192 electrodes to the brain within a minute.

According to Elon, this chip aimed to give digital freedom back to people having disabilities. So, they can also enjoy and get benefits from future technology. Through this technology, injuries like the brain, backbone, or people with disabilities by birth can help them use phones or computers.

It can also help people to connect with artificial intelligence in the future as well.

Elon is also trying to develop a complete mind-machine interface through which humans can type 40 words per minute by only thinking in mind.

In short, Elon is not only revolutionizing the automobile or space industry but taking people to the mars and settle a city over there. He also wants to build a train inside the vacuum tunnels. Attaching the human brain to artificial intelligence and also eager to revolutionize the solar and battery industry.

Now take a moment and think that if he succeeded in all his plans, then after some decades, how will the world look like…!!! The whole picture of this world will change. You can visualize how the world will look like in 2030.

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