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13 Reasons Why the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer

the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

Today you will get to know about the amazing things that rich people do and the poor people do not do which makes them richer. If you wonder, What are the habits which are present in rich people and lack in poor people? Besides this, what are the factors or reasons which make you poor? Why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer in this world.

Are the poor people slow or less hardworking? Is there any difference in the thinking capacity of rich and poor? What are the habits which make a person rich or poor? If you think about these types of questions, this article is purely written for you because it will let you know about the facts, which will answer all the questions rising in your mind.

If you want to become successful and willing to ascend in life, you should analyze your situation and find out the factors and reasons that are creating hurdles in your journey. This article lists down the bad habits you should change, and discontinue to improve your situation. You should observe others have a better view of your habits and routines. So, let’s dig into the topic.

Watching Television

People who are poor or belong to the average class have been found that they watch television very much. This is a very strange habit. It can be said that these kinds of people waste a lot of time watching television. That time can be used for their betterment or achieving their goals. These people used their precious time by switching from one show to another, one movie to another.

These kinds of people have almost all kinds of news regarding current affairs, politics, movies, drama, etc., and by this habit, the people who belong to the average class waste their precious time. And this is the major barrier to their success.

watching tv

The fact behind watching TV is that while watching TV, people cut off from their oddities. They think that they have some enjoyment in their life through TV. In reality, their difficulties are temporarily away from them, but after that, difficulties stand as it is in front of them and their lives go on without any improvement.

You might have considered a celebrity about his / her marriage, movie, drama, etc., but the celebrity itself is not watching these kinds of news. They are just showing themselves to you. And this is a huge difference.

You should have invested your time in education, learning new skills, and sitting with those who are more successful in your field, giving you good ideas and a lot of experience. For this, you have to come out of your comfort zone.

Fast Food

We all are aware of the phrase “Health is Wealth,” but some people are unaware of this phrase. The average people consume a big amount of fast food, which is unhealthy. Fast food is also known as junk food. Usually, it is viewed that health is not on the priority list of average people. They are not interested in whatever they are eating is good for them or not. They even don’t want to know what is healthy for the body.

junk food junkie

So by eating these types of junk food, the effect on their body is always adverse. These adverse effects give birth to cholesterol, diabetes, fats, etc. Besides this, they are not doing exercises as well. Because of this reason, they are mentally and professionally unfit.

You might have seen rich people eating homemade food in which vegetables and lentils are always included. Their diet is very limited but full of nutrition. Because of this reason, they stay strong and fit.

Excessive Shopping

Shopping is also a major concern of people who are living poor. Actually, what happens is that poor people spend money on shopping, mostly when the sale is on. The reason is that they want to look like rich people. As a result, they spend their money or savings on these kinds of shopping rather than investing in a good way.

rich gets richer

Poor Sleep Pattern

It is seen that people who are not rich have a very disturbed sleep pattern. Especially young people have this bad habit of late-night sleeping and waking up late. These people wake up very late and start their day very late. This results in the whole day slowness and engaging in meaningless activities.

Sharing an example of a student with you. A student who goes to sleep very late at night and in the morning usually gets absent from class, or in case if he reached on time, he will not be mentally present. So, in the long run, this student will be lagging from the initial stages, and in professional life, the struggle goes on, and the chances to get success are very much low.

sit and sleep

If you search out the daily routine of the most successful people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, etc., you will get to know that these people wake up early in the morning and start their daily work early.

So waking up early morning and make yourself work till the banking time is a very important lesson.

Hygiene Issues

Coming to a very weird or interesting point. You might find it weird, but you will agree that it is very important when you think about it. The average people take fewer baths as compared to rich people. This is quite funny.

Most of our jobs are service based in which the interaction between each other is very common. So those who are not taking care of their hygiene have commonly faced that relationship with their customer is not good. People don’t like to spend time with these kinds of people, which affects their personal and professional lives.

hygiene products

So if you want to be successful and grow in your life, you must take care of your hygiene. Take a bath every day. Wear clean clothes. And start your work. You’ll feel so fresh and socially acceptable.

Lame Excuses

One of the bad habits found among the people who belong to an average class is that they always blame others for their unsuccessful lives. They usually say that not all things are in control of humans, but the reality is that 99% of decisions taken by people are in their control. People are responsible for their acts, beliefs, and even their health.

For example, if a person keeps smoking and says that the doctor is not treating me well or the medicines are not working, this excuse will not be accepted. However, some people face difficulties, but these are exceptional cases.


On the other hand, if rich people face difficulties, they figure out why it creates difficulty. They dig into the roots of the problem and rectify as much as they can. They try to make decisions as good as possible.

No Savings

Savings is considered the most important factor in success. The average people usually lagging in the habit because they don’t have any savings for them. Contrary to this, people who are better than average ones save money for their future and they make it as a normal habit.

skinny piggybank

For example, if you save 5% of your income as your savings, then after some time, you have a good amount left in your piggy bank, and you can use this money to proceed with a project or invest in a project. You can also earn a profit on these savings as well.

Savings have to be available because no one knows when the bad time will arrive. As the COVID is at its peak, God forbids, if someone is suffering from this disease, then he/she must have some savings for the treatment.

Credit Cards

Our people use credit cards for useless things. They don’t know how and when to use credit cards precisely.  The simple principle is that if you are taking debt from any business and knowing that this business will not give you money back more than the debt, you should not take that debt.

best credit cards reddit

People should use credit cards or loans for investment in some business rather than buying appliances, gadgets, etc. In this online world, if a person is buying a camera, laptop, etc., for their business, then it’s good because he knows that it will give more in return.

Family Planning

It has been seen that average people do marriage at an early age and then without any planning, they give birth to children. Following this, they have many children at an early age. In this manner, the earning partner has more responsibilities for the partner and children, including their diet. And we all know that the prices of each and everything is rising day by day, so it becomes more difficult for the person to bring up children, and as a result, it’s almost impossible for a person to grow in their life and become successful.

fallout 4 family planning

Contrary to this, rich people are not in a hurry for marriage. These people first plan their career, then stabilize in terms of money, and then decide their marriage. And these kinds of people also plan very sensibly about children. And the number of children is also limited which they can raise and plan their future easily.

Regular Checkup

It is seen that poor people never visit their doctor regularly while rich people regularly visit the doctor and do their medical tests regularly. The problem occurs when a poor person faces some serious disease.

free consultation

For example, God forbids, if a person is diagnosed with cancer, then what will be the next step? Visiting different doctors, arranging money, and other kinds of stuff. Similarly, he/she will also be facing mental disturbance and physical tiredness as well. So at that time, the stage of that critical disease is also up, and sometimes it is not possible to cure that disease at that stage.

Just think about that if the disease is diagnosed at early stages, then he/she can be cured easily and can live life under the doctor’s supervision. So health is the main part of our life because life is like nothing if you are not healthy.

Time Management

Time management is also playing a major part in success. If you compare the daily routine of poor and rich people, it will be clearly visible that rich people always schedule their work and work on schedule. By this, they can grow faster as compared to the poor people.

time management worksheet

Similarly, if you are not following a timetable in your routine, then you will be unable to do all your work on time. As a result, you will find it difficult to do all your necessary tasks, and you will also forget about the new ventures, ideas, and growth.

Lack of Motivation / Inspiration

One of the most important factors that play an important role in your success is inspiration or motivation. Poor people are surrounded by those people who have no new thinking or growing attitude. As a result, you will also become part of that community, leading to staying at the same place without growth.

While you see successful people, they are always surrounded by those already successful in their lives. The benefit rich people gets from their surrounding is that they get new ideas and tactics to grow. They seek moral values from them.

supervision assist

By keeping yourself in such a gathering will lead your mind to think like that. Exploring new ideas and work on them, and eventually, they started progress day by day. So it is a major reason behind the people who are lagging in this habit.

Seeking Someone’s Support

It has been seen that people are always waiting for someone’s support. And when they do not find it, they stop working on that, making lame excuses that nobody supports us. This has to be eradicated from the mindsets of the people.

If someone has an idea in his/her mind, then working on that idea should be started as soon as possible, even without any support. You will learn from your mistakes, and after getting the experience, you will soon lead your idea, and automatically your growth will increase. A study shows that 80-90% of business ideas don’t even start and that’s a harsh reality.

big idea design

You might have seen a recent quote of business magnate Elon Musk advising people to host business showers instead of baby showers. This will lead to celebrating the new business and bring resources for the person who started the business. People are acting upon the advice of Elon, but a lot of people are also unaware of this. So one must keep in his mind that you should not wait for someone’s support. Just start it yourself, and soon your dedication will make you a successful person one day.

Concluding this article with a famous quote.

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

~ Jim Rohn

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