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iphones with wireless charging

Do you know about Apple’s new feature “Magsafe”?

Danish Maqsood

Magsafe is basically the wireless charging feature of apple. On the back of the iPhone 12, there are perfectly aligned magnets attached which provide faster wireless charging.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 launch: What’s new in it?

Zoya Laraib

Here's what you need to know about the latest Apple launch. This list contains all the new iPhone 12 features: 5G, OLED Screen, LiDAR Scanner, design, MagSafe.


iPhone with a “self-healing” Screen is Under Development

Danish Maqsood

Apple is developing a foldable iPhone with a “self-healing” screen that can automatically fix the cracks and scratches using heat technology.

New Instagram update ‘Pinned Comments’ released for everyone now

Danish Maqsood

Instagram has spent the last few years in order to improve its tools for the prevention of harassment, abuse, and ...