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Tesla Phone is the New Hotness? Is Elon Musk Phone Rumor

Today we will discuss the tesla phone but before talking about this phone, let me clear you that there are a lot of rumors circulating on the internet.

Yeah, this is true that Tesla and Elon Musk have shown that they are thinking about developing a smartphone, and they are pretty much interested in it.

This means that if Tesla launches any phone in the future, it will not be a big surprise for us. However, the main point is that the internet is full of rumors about this tesla phone as the people were doing when iPhone 5 was about to launch.

Tesla Phone Rumors

Let me highlight some rumors 

  1. Satellite Internet Connectivity
  2. Solar Fast Charging
  3. Neuralink Connectivity
  4. Cryptocurrency Mining Ability
  5. Tesla Phone Case

You might have seen many videos and blogs about the upcoming technology of the iPhone 5 that will have cylinders inside. When it drops from your hands, it will automatically adjust the weight and make it air balance and protect itself from the crash.

As in the above story, I see that these concepts are common, and people are getting millions of views in their articles and videos.

Let me clarify your thought about this tesla phone: what we can expect it and the renders or rumors in it.

As far as tesla renders are concerned, there are hundreds of renders circulating everywhere online, and let me clarify that these are only concept renders, and we can also call them “fan-made renders.”

This means that these renders are not based on some leak designs from Tesla. There are a lot of fans who are creative enough to give their concept about the upcoming model. Although these renders are beautiful.

And if Tesla uses the same or somehow like these designs, it will be a good gesture, but nobody knows what Tesla has actually decided.

The same guy who has introduced the render of the tesla model p (pi) has also presented about iPhone model m1, which is totally opposite from iPhone 13, launched by Apple this year. So no one knows how the tesla phone will be.

Usually, if you see the era of smartphones from the initial stage to now. There is no such difference which we can say that the technology has totally changed.

The usability of all smartphones has been the same till now. We are only seeing improvements in screens, cameras, processing, etc. Because no one is doing innovations in this phase.

But Tesla could be that company. And the most prominent feature tesla could add to their smartphones is the internet.

Satellite Internet Connectivity

Generally, the internet we are using on our phones is through wifi or any other mobile tower. But Tesla can integrate an internet facility from their sister company named Starlink. 

Starlink is basically working on satellite internet, which means that small satellites will be around the earth’s lower orbit, and these satellites will provide internet all around the world.

You might have faced internet difficulty in a less crowded or hilly area. The mobile signals are very low, and the internet suffers here. 

If you are in a desert or a forest, a crowded area, or a less crowded area, you will be getting high-speed broadband internet any time. But the game of satellite is totally different. They will be huge in numbers and covers the whole world and provide internet from the top. 

The first rumor, which is getting viral day by day, is also about Starlink internet in tesla model p. People say that the Elon musk phone will have Starlink antennas integrated into it, connected to Starlink internet directly. 

starlink connectivity

If we talk about speed, rumors are circulating that the speed will also be fantastic. It might be possible you will get an internet speed of 200Mbps downloading and a 100+Mbps uploading limit. Which will be great. Isn’t it?

Solar Fast Charging

The next rumor which is circulating in the market is about its charging. But I personally don’t think so that this feature is possible for Tesla.

Curious about this rumor? Okay, let me tell you then. Rumor claims that the backside of the tesla model p (pi) will be solar-powered, which means that this smartphone can be charged from solar energy.

What I think about this feature is basically, the smartphone’s size is small, and the area left behind the phone is not adequate to produce that amount of power required by the phone to charge itself.

So it’s possible but not practical if I consider it for the long run. Let’s see how Elon Musk changes possible to practical.

Neuralink Connectivity

Now talking about another fascinating rumor if provided into this smartphone. And that is people can use this phone using their brains instead of hands. 

Sounds weird or interesting…???

Well, let me tell you that neuralink is also a company of Elon Musk. Recently they have tried their experiments on the brains of pigs and monkeys. And it is currently in initials phases.

So from this stage to that stage where the human brain controls the smartphone is a very, very long procedure, and if you are expecting this feature in the upcoming tesla phone, then I think you are a daydreamer. Because the horizon of this scope is minimal.

Cryptocurrency Mining Ability

Rumors say that tesla model p will be a source of income for its users. It can mine MARS coin (a cryptocurrency), and this could be a revolutionary smartphone that can be used on earth or mars. 

Tesla Phone Case

Renders have shown that they have used photochromic coating for the tesla phone case. Which can change its colors when contacted with sunlight.

tesla phone case


Yes, It’s possible that Tesla can introduce a smartphone in the market with satellite internet and sound features to beat their competitors. It’s also possible that eventually, the rumors we discussed above can be a part of this phone later.

But on a serious note, please take these rumors like a pinch of salt. If Tesla introduces a phone, they will not do magic at once.

They are working on technology, and technology takes time to come into existence. People are murmuring about it but don’t take it so seriously. Not every rumor is good to be taken seriously.

After reading this, I know some of my readers will be disappointed, but don’t let yourself live in a fake world. Always try to live in the real world.

I hope it clears your mind about the upcoming Elon musk smartphone. Let’s see what Tesla will introduce in model p (pi).

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